About Us

Why Ever Green ?

Evergreen Egypt United is a member of Arab-Chinese Association which is affiliated with Arab League Organization, it is connecting Arabian
countries with china, working as a bride connecting the two nations
not only for Business & Trade but for Culture Exchange as well.

Evergreen Egypt United has semi-intensive farming technology and intensive culture technology. It is one of the companies of the Guangdong Evergreen Group and ranked 28 in the field of fish feed as a global fish farming company.
The company also has fresh agricultural products, vegetables and fruits such as fresh oranges, lemons, okra, peas, mixed vegetables, artichokes, honey and all products are certified and characterized by high quality.

·        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHhCNHC64aY

The Pond "Ghilyoun" Egypt

The owners of the company from the Egyptian and Chinese sides with the President of the Republic

Our mission

Ever Green Egypt took responsibility for solving the problem of the gap between production and consumption in the Egyptian fishery, where the company has many potentials and technical expertise to support fish production in Egypt. These possibilities include possessing the Egyptian-Chinese expertise for unloading Nile and oval fish, Scientific potentials and expertise for the production of larvae of marine or Nile prawns of various types. These possibilities have emerged in the design and construction of fish and shrimp hatcheries, the largest of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa region. China's unique in the production of all kinds of marine fish feed and indigo and shrimp, and the possibilities of a large company emerged in this field in the establishment of the fish feed factory and shrimp pond project pipe for aquaculture.

The owners of the company from the Egyptian and Chinese sides with the President of the Republic, .
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