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Research and Development Center (R&D) in ghalioun
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Evergreen egypt united company
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Project details

Ever Green Egypt United has the ability tosupply, install, start-up erect all the research and development center R&D. we shall provide the supervision and training for the staff.

The R&D Laboratory is specially configured equipment for the manufacturing and R&D on the aquaculture, feed and aquatic products processing industry chain, including the supporting


equipment for drug residues detection for aquatic products processing enterprises, the supporting equipment for microbial pathogens detection for aquatic products processing enterprises, the supporting detection equipment for aquaculture enterprises, the supporting routine index detection equipment for feed enterprises and the supporting high-end index and micro index detection equipment for feed enterprises. The main test items include: bacteria, virus, drug residues, protein, amino acid, micro elements, etc. This laboratory is made to meet the complete requirements of the bacteria and virus detection for aquaculture, animal nutrition R&D and aquatic products processing. The main equipment include: High Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (HPLC-MSMS), Real-time PCR, Automatic Amino Acid Analyzer, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer and other supporting equipment, etc. 

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